I help cafés, restaurants and pastry businesses create and optimise their offer to be more successful and profitable. Once their offer and processes are set up, they can relax and focus on making the business thrive.

My services

Menu Creation

  • Basic Menu - Share basic recipes which work straight away to create a basic menu and get started quickly. Adjustments might be needed to fit individual cases.
  • Signature Menu  - Work together to create a signature menu that can keep for a long time and grow with the business.
  • Seasonal Menu - Optimise and tweak the menu and products based on seasons and/or special occasions (i.e Mother’s Day).

Operational Service

  • Training - Train and upskill kitchen staff members with procedures to keep the products' quality consistent no matter staff turnover.
  • Organisation - Set up the organisational structure to optimise the storage of preparations and products without altering their quality.
  • Food Safety - Create processes to meet food safety requirements while remaining productive and keeping a good product quality. Provide guidance on products shelf life and good storage conditions.

Cost & Recipes

  • Recipe Book - Create recipe booklet for the existing and future staff to follow.
  • Cost Calculations - Execute cost calculations and adjust recipes to meet the client's price point if needed.
  • Supplier Recommendations - Find and recommend the right suppliers to fit the business.

How do I work?

During our initial consultation, I will assess what your needs are and explain my services to you. I will then get back to you with my diagnosis and a detailed proposal to help you achieve your goals. Once we have agreed on our common expectations and a time frame, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and take your business to the next level!

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Engaging Mayumi Nagata has been an excellent investment for Queen St Patisserie, she instilled confidence the moment I met her along with inspiration for my business. She focused on our strengths, and we built from there.

Mayumi did not mess about she pulled her sleeves up and got on with the job. She immediately recognised where she was needed. Having just lost our head pastry chef we needed Mayumi to get us up to speed on making croissants as our reputation was reliant on it. She adjusted our recipes and gave us all the tips on laminating, resting, rolling and storing. Mayumi also improved all our pastry techniques, to include puff, savoury, sweet and flaky.

For me professional help is money well spent. There is no doubt Mayumi is one of the best. She knows it all. QSP has flourished and I do not believe we could have done it without Mayumi.
- Teresa McLean (Owner & Founder), Queen St Patisserie

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